So I got a new iPhone 6s, which is great. I figured I will add my card to this so I can save myself time when paying for shit at places that have contactless payment or support Apple Pay. I tried adding my card, and it said ‘This card isn’t issued by your bank’, I figured that’s weird.. According to the Apple site Ulster Bank is supported.

I was thinking it had something to do with Ulster Bank just being shit as normal. So when I got the chance because I work silly hours I headed down to my local branch. Previously before heading to my bank I gave them or a call centre agent, to enquire as to why my card isn’t allowing me to add it to Apple Pay. The guy didn’t really have a clue and stuck me on hold twice to find out why it wouldn’t add. Fair enough, he might be new or just didn’t have a clue as to why it wouldn’t be working, regardless! He came back after having me on hold for a bit and says I need a contactless card. It doesn’t mention that on Apple site or their own site, well from what i can see anyway, but whatever. The guy on the phone said you have to go to your local branch to your local branch to apply for a contactless card. Fair enough, wasn’t going to be to much hassle as my local branch is around 20 minutes away from me, so not bad.

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I’m just going to have a wee rant here about Ulster Bank for their lack of fucking brains when it comes to accounts and what they do with them when a fraud case is raised.

About half a year ago I was ordering stuff online. I placed an order for a costly package, all well and good. The next day i go to take some ‘walking about money’ out of an ATM machine, and it doesn’t accept my card, im like hmm.. must just be the machine that doesn’t work. Fine ill try another.

I walk across the street to another ATM, same thing again. Now im thinking what the fuck is going on here? I give my bank a call and say, look ive tried to get money out of my account and it’s not letting me, can you have a look. She says please hold.

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