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So i’ve went ahead and updated my blog, which i think was a bad idea, the amount of work you’ve to do to fix up posts and what not is a fucking joke. Having to change all the videos over, all the images as post thumbnails, and because the theme

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Back to basics.

So hello there you sexy people. As you can see its back to basics with the WordPress theme for me. I figured I spend too much time worrying about the design of my blog, when I should care more about what content I write. As its said “content is key”.

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Theme update!

So hey guys and girls =D. As you can see theres a new look to my blog. Im gonna start blogging a lot more throughout the summer. With videos of random shit, and a few vlogs here and there to check in with you all. Well to the people that

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New Layout

Hey all. Sorry i havent posted in a while, ive been caught up with Big Brother and just haven’t had the time to blog about anything really. I just came on to let you all know about the new layout ive got on here. In my eyes its a little