Drama is in everyone’s life, don’t get me wrong. There is a few people I don’t speak to anymore because there is too much drama in the silly lives they led. I can safely say I don’t have any drama in my life at all. Reason for this is, I don’t give a fuck about what people think or to try to annoy me. People will annoy me yes, but only for the amount of time I’m speaking to them, I don’t let the words they speak bother thereafter.

Most people get caught up and let shit bother them, to me this just means that the other person is in control of your emotions, or better yet, controlling your emotions. Emotions are a silly human thing, but we all have them from hate, love, anger, stress, jealousy etc. But I believe you can control these emotions with enough time and patience. Most people don’t do this, they rely on help from others, advise, medicine, to be shown how to control them or talk about them I suppose.

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