Most companies out there stick to what they know, now this is a common thing because I’ve seen it over and over again. Companies stick to what they know because its all they know, they don’t adapt, they don’t change, they just push forward and generate money. Yeah this is good for the company, but is this good for the employees or customers?

Most higher ups in companies tend to stick to what they know because it has worked for them all these years so why should they change now?

What the big headed fucks who are higher up and don’t do half the job the person below them does need to know that, they are the ones that make you money, not the other way round. I was speaking to someone who was talking about Richard Branson and how he went about dealing with his workers. He said that if you have happy workers then you will have happy customers, which in turn generates more revenue for said company. I’ve seen time and time again, were the worker has had no help, no feedback, no encouragement to do their job, which in turn leaves the worker unhappy and couldn’t give a fuck about the company or the customers.

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