So guys and girls, i dont know if any of you watch this, nor have even heard of it, but if you have then good, tell me what you think about it in the comments, for the people that havent, its basically a series of Lord of the rings. You have a wizard, a dude with a sord, and warrior fighting stuff, that along with a love story. Im not going to go into to much detail about this, im sure you can just google legend of the seeker and find out what its all about. Continue “Legend of the Seeker Review”

Hey all, so ive been thinking long and hard about giving up blogging, but like still vlogging (video blogging) and tweeting etc.. It’s just, I write-up all these posts for you guys and girls, and i pretty much waste my time. I know in the long shot its a good idea to blog because you can look back on things and maybe someone who needs a little bit of help will find one of my posts by searching google or where ever it maybe. I would leave the blog up and running for that purpose and maybe stop by to blog every now and then.

Normally when I ask questions on my blog, I don’t get any replies. I mean, they arent really that urgent, but it would just be nice for a few fresh people to leave a comment or two, so i know they are reading.

The stats for my site are through the roof, and I don’t see how I only get like 3-4 comments max, its beyond me. I dunno what to do anymore, ive a few idea’s planed of what I could do on the net, but that’s early days yet. I could maybe just leave my blog up and blog every so often, or maybe I could bring a few people on board who want to write-up a post or two, maybe something im missing to post to get the comments etc.. What do you guys and girls think? Not that i will get much comments on this, but if you are grateful enough to drop a comment with a yes or no, and a why, that would be great.

For people who use Sony Vegas 8 or less for editing, and you can’t edit you mp4 or mov files here’s the fix or way around it without having to convert it.

Do not update to Quicktime 7.6.4, stay with 7.6.2. For Sony Vegas users, it was causing problems with mp4 and mov files, I don’t know why this is im just here to tell you not to do it.

Another problem people are having that i have seen, is that they are complaining when they drag a .mov clip from their camera into vegas, it shows the video but no audio, or the audio is just dead on the time line.

To fix this, just change the extension of .mov to .mp4 then drag it in., it should then work with audio. If by some chance it doesn’t then here’s what to do next.

Last choice would be to convert it with a program called MediaCoder, or you can get quicktime pro so you can export the mov or mp4 file. When you are exporting in Quicktime, make sure you select MP4 – and Pass through.

What this does is that it wraps the .mov file in .mp4 container, so vegas picks up the audio. If your video is then laggy, then you can google that or I will write-up a tutorial on a fix for you.

If you have any problems at all in getting this fix to work, then let me know by dropping a comment.

Sungha Jung

Hey guys and girls, sorry i havent posted in a while, just been busy. But i just wanted to give a quick post about this Sungha Jung kid. He is fucking amazing with a guitar, and can pretty much play anything you want, hes gonna make it big.

Heres a song he did “(Cyndi Lauper) Time After Time” if any of you have ever heard of it. Be sure to check out the youtube channel, and subscribe if you like what he puts out.

The Leaving Cert (As it is in the Irish Education System)

I am going to get my results in a few hours time from my school.

I don’t know how I feel really I am so laid back.. I do feel lost.. I mean… I have found myself contemplating, what am I to do with the rest of my life, I don’t want to be depending on the social welfare at any stage of my life I want to do something with my life.. It is all frustrating.
Continue “The Results”


Heres a video of this band i just found out about. My mate Warren posted a video to his bebo, and i think they’re fucking amazing. Ive already downloaded one of their albums, and i plan on downloading a whole lot more.

This song is called Path To Decay, and its just fucking amazing.

Update: You can now check them out on Spotify!

Rack Em Willie

So i came across this video via tumblr, and OMG, i really don’t know how i haven’t seen or even heard of this before. Its the funniest thing i’ve ever seen in my life. I keep replaying the video and it still makes me laugh lol. At one stage i couldn’t stop laughing even when the video was over, it just kept playing in my head lol.

Now have a look for yourself and leave your honest opinion.

So guys and girls, im pretty sure that most of you have heard that Michael is dead. When i heard about it first of my mate gerdoyle i thought that he was just bullshitting me, but i know most of what he says to me is the truth, so i got a flood of texts coming in telling me that he has died. I was like, fucking hell it must be true then, or someone has just forwarded these messages believing it was true. Turns out? It actually was. You can read the article at the guardian.

In my eyes, all that shit about touching kids and all that, im not one to say its true or not true, he got proven guilty, but what ever, besides the point. He is a fucking amazing singer, and the best dancer ive ever seen like. Hope he rests in piece. He has showin people how to dance, and sang amazing songs, some sad, and some bad, i know plenty of people will never forget him. Fucking legend at dancing and singing. Truly is the King of pop. Fair Play.