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Snooker World Championship

O’Sullivan 18-11 Ali Carter. Update 20:39 Ronnie O’Sullivan wins! amazing game of snooker, 4 time world champion. Fair play to Carter for trying his best. Update 20:25 17-11 Just 1 more frame for Ronnie and thats Carter fucked. I think hes gonna take it now, so much pressure on Carter,

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A Small Orange

Hey all so I went ahead and switched over to a nice little hosting company called asmallorange. I remember it way back in the day when I was first going to get into websites, blogging, designing etc.. I was supposed to sign up back then, but I never got around

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TV Shortens Lifespan?

So I seen this article posted over at Mashable Every Hour of TV You Watch May Shorten Your Lifespan By 22 Minutes [STUDY]. Was reading down the comments and most people think its bullshit, I agree. I mean all the time I’ve spend watching countless seasons and other various TV

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Big Brother 2011

So i blogged about Big Brother 2010 and gave it my thoughts and when it first started my thoughts on the housemates, now its 2011 and the new series of Big Brother is airing in 2 days. This year’s Big Brother isn’t being aired on Channel 4 anymore, the rights

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So i’ve went ahead and updated my blog, which i think was a bad idea, the amount of work you’ve to do to fix up posts and what not is a fucking joke. Having to change all the videos over, all the images as post thumbnails, and because the theme

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Hey all. So i was talking to Freddy about certain things. So just asked him what he was up to and he said he was watching Merlin. I never heard of this show, but with a title like Merlin i had to check it out. Its a show on the