Quick post about Facebook. With the latest iOS update for their app, they have removed the ‘Most Recent’ feed. It was bad enough they hid it in the ‘more’ section of the app, now they have went the full way and removed it all together.

Now we all have to either deal with their shit fucking algorithm or just stop using Facebook. I’m almost certain this will take so many people away from using the iOS app.

I honestly don’t know why they have done this. Unless there is a blog post from them about it, I think this is just an idiotic decision on Facebooks part.

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I ended up getting a job that paid a steady wage because as most web devs know it sometimes isn’t always steady and that was something i couldn’t rely on.

So i ended up getting a job selling phones to people that don’t have a clue about them. Never good when you are trying to explain how said phone will benefit them over their old one. But that’s how it goes.

Anyway, just on to write that i have been trying to get back into the swing of the web dev side of things and i think im gonna try to concentrate on it a little more. HTML/CSS has came a long way since i was writing it. What your able to do with HTML5/CSS3 is fucking crazy. I suppose its all down to the browsers that render out the little animations and stuff like that, but to write the code and understand it is pretty cool. Could concentrate solely on a mobile version of something so its only accessible on mobile, and have a splash to say ‘This website is only available on mobile’, i think that’s how all this will start going, given the fact that more people use mobiles and tablets than they do computers these days.

Well just a short post to get that off my mind.

So you show people that you are dedicated and that you are willing to do anything that needs to be done. Many people see dedication as a good thing, but sometimes your hard work and dedication to something doesn’t always have a positive outcome. Let me explain…

Dedication comes in many forms, some small portions some that just blow everything and everyone out of the water. Many people like to put in a little time and effort and be happy whilst doing so. Others like to do as much as they can to the point where it might put them under a lot of stress and fuck with they’re emotions. For the people that put in just the right amount live happy and see that they are changing things, doing things different to have a positive outcome. Others love to show people what they can really do, so they go to the ends of the earth to show someone that what they do matters, and without them it wouldn’t get done in the same fashion.

People who see hard work and dedication from someone, they either think.

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Most companies out there stick to what they know, now this is a common thing because I’ve seen it over and over again. Companies stick to what they know because its all they know, they don’t adapt, they don’t change, they just push forward and generate money. Yeah this is good for the company, but is this good for the employees or customers?

Most higher ups in companies tend to stick to what they know because it has worked for them all these years so why should they change now?

What the big headed fucks who are higher up and don’t do half the job the person below them does need to know that, they are the ones that make you money, not the other way round. I was speaking to someone who was talking about Richard Branson and how he went about dealing with his workers. He said that if you have happy workers then you will have happy customers, which in turn generates more revenue for said company. I’ve seen time and time again, were the worker has had no help, no feedback, no encouragement to do their job, which in turn leaves the worker unhappy and couldn’t give a fuck about the company or the customers.

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This is a podcast me and my mate set up about a year or 2 ago. We did 10 episodes one year and then we pretty much stopped doing them. But now we are bringing it back because people where asking about it and they want to hear us two talk shit lol.

We will be trying to pump an episode out every week, so if you gave this a listen and can actually understand our accent and you want to hear more? Shoot me a tweet @imanto and we will talk about it.

I’m just going to have a wee rant here about Ulster Bank for their lack of fucking brains when it comes to accounts and what they do with them when a fraud case is raised.

About half a year ago I was ordering stuff online. I placed an order for a costly package, all well and good. The next day i go to take some ‘walking about money’ out of an ATM machine, and it doesn’t accept my card, im like hmm.. must just be the machine that doesn’t work. Fine ill try another.

I walk across the street to another ATM, same thing again. Now im thinking what the fuck is going on here? I give my bank a call and say, look ive tried to get money out of my account and it’s not letting me, can you have a look. She says please hold.

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This is just going to be a short post on what i think the Nexus 5 will come out and some rumours from around the web.

So reading posts and stories all over the interwebs over the past week, all aim to roughly about the same sort of specs etc.. Unless they’ve just copied from each other and its went down the list… (which it probably has lol).

I gave my review of the Nexus 4 in my previous post, read it then read below…

The supposed codename for the Nexus 5 is ‘Megalodon’.

The specs of the phone according to andriodandme are as follows.

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This might be old news to some, but fucking hell here it is. It’s actually a reality! I’ve been keeping up to date with Google Glass through various news sources, and this just takes the fucking cake.

Google Glass will be released by the end of 2013! Pure fucking sex. Although in saying that, they never mentioned as to what countries it will be released to. I hope to god UK is on the list, because if it isn’t im gonna be PISSED! Continue “Google Glass – How It Feels”

Just got done playing Mirrors Edge. It was a pretty good game although it could have been longer. I love games like it, free running, being able to jump of shit, kill people. I loved Assassins Creed, and I still do, this sort of reminded me of it. The graphics in it where pretty good also. Some people complained that they would like a 3rd person view, I’d have to agree.

I know its been out for a while now on xbox and ps3 I think, but I just got it on PC because it was on sale on steam. Have you guys played and completed it? If so what did you think of the overall game?