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Hey all just a quick post to show you guys and girls this new app coming out for iPhone. Its called Mailbox. Nice little app for managing mail etc. The mail app for iPhone thats build in, is ok and it gets the job done, but this looks slick as

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Summly is a sweet little app i came across when reading the news. Said it got to 9th place on the app store in so many days or something like that. Besides the point. The reason for this post is just to go over a few things i think are

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Mirrors Edge

Just got done playing Mirrors Edge. It was a pretty good game although it could have been longer. I love games like it, free running, being able to jump of shit, kill people. I loved Assassins Creed, and I still do, this sort of reminded me of it. The graphics

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Big Brother 2012

This is my quick run down of the housemates and what i think of them. As time goes on ill update with a new post. I would include images of the housemates that went in, but Channel5 have little small profile pictures on their website instead of full width images,