UK Mail have been around for some time and do what they can, but their best is not good enough.

I have worked for companies who use UK Mail as their delivery service and continue to use them because for the simple reason is that they are cheap. UK Mail work for minimum wage, they take minimum payment contracts with providers and that’s how they stay in business.

It seems that they have stooped to a new low as every time I hear or read someone is speaking badly of UK Mail, there is nothing good to say about them and that’s something they need to address.

People don’t really have control if UK Mail delivers their items, this is down to the company who is using them, the location the package is getting delivered to etc.

Here are a few random tweets from people who are complaining of UK Mail. I couldn’t find any tweets where people had said they did a good job.

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So its official. The AirPods have been released. Took long enough eh? The Verge, 9to5 Mac and The Next Web have a few posts if you would like to read them.

I’ve been waiting on a pair of these for a while now but it seemed that Apple had issues with the bluetooth side of things. Feel free to do a quick search on that.

In a press release, Apple says that the AirPods “will be shipping in limited quantities at launch,” and that brick-and-mortar stores “will receive regular AirPod shipments.” AirPods will start appearing at Apple Stores, “select” carrier stores, and authorized Apple retailers next week. They’re launching in over 100 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, and Japan.

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So this is another update for the second match of McGregor vs Diaz, I gave my thoughts on the first match, you can read about it here.

This is some thoughts on what I think and how it might play out.

In the aspect of things Diaz took the first fight on 10-11 days notice and beat Conor, now that’s all well and good. Nate said that if/when he has a full camp he won’t or wouldn’t have got touched, but I highly doubt that. Nate has really solid jabs and a really good ground game. Thats what he has going for him at the moment. I’m not sure who Nate is going to bring in to train with, but it better be people who can duck and move as quick as Conor can. I haven’t seen much videos or updates on Nate training so it will be interesting to see what he has got the first round of the fight.

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All the hype building up to this fight only for Conor to get choked out.

Basically he came up weights and wasn’t ready. He looked ready from all the videos posted on Instagram etc. I thought he was in shape, you could see the difference in the guy right off the bat. As soon as he started putting the weight on it was noticeable.

When it came to the fight, I had money on Conor winning, maybe 2nd or 3rd round. The reason I thought this is because, Diaz is a lanky mother fucker, Conor has never dealt with that. He has always had a bigger reach than any of the people he has fought. His speed was there, he was dodging a good few of Nate’s punches, but some of them where getting through, and they are the ones that stung Conor.

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I’ve spent a little time with a Windows Phone the past month or so, the Microsoft Lumia 550 to be exact. It’s not the best of phones, or specs. It runs Windows 10 which is nice to see, they have worked out most of the kinks and have the OS running smooth on 1GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm MSM8909 Snapdragon 210, which isn’t to bad to be honest. Android running them specs would be sluggish if it wasn’t stock android.

In regards to the camera etc, its pretty decent with a 5MP camera as the primary, and 2MP camera as secondary. They take, somewhat OK photos and would work well for someone who wants to just share a couple of photos on social networks.

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I’m back to iOS!

So I’m back using an iPhone. I couldn’t deal with the crappy slow phones, I thought I could, maybe save a little money, or not need it that much, but the fact is, I can’t.

The reasons I can’t are basically the speed of the phone and the lack of Apps on other platforms. Don’t get me wrong, android is totally fine, but apps run so much smoother on iOS, it’s a damn fact.

Lets take Snapchat for example. Snapchat runs perfectly well on both high spec android phones and iPhones. However there is one drawback.

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Drama is in everyone’s life, don’t get me wrong. There is a few people I don’t speak to anymore because there is too much drama in the silly lives they led. I can safely say I don’t have any drama in my life at all. Reason for this is, I don’t give a fuck about what people think or to try to annoy me. People will annoy me yes, but only for the amount of time I’m speaking to them, I don’t let the words they speak bother thereafter.

Most people get caught up and let shit bother them, to me this just means that the other person is in control of your emotions, or better yet, controlling your emotions. Emotions are a silly human thing, but we all have them from hate, love, anger, stress, jealousy etc. But I believe you can control these emotions with enough time and patience. Most people don’t do this, they rely on help from others, advise, medicine, to be shown how to control them or talk about them I suppose.

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So I figured I need a new PC Build and this is some of the stuff I went for. I was going to kit out everything but I honestly didn’t feel the need too.

Have you got an amazing PC Build? Feel free to post your specs in the comments below.

At the time of writing this post my internet has been down for 30 minutes and I feel like it’s the end of the world.. Well for most people anyway!

I am with Virgin Media for my internet and its pretty amazing, the speeds are ridiculous and there is hardly any downtime. I can live with my 4G until it gets back online, they must be upgrading something, or working out some kinks and I totally understand.

People in my area who are on Virgin Media connections are probably so pissed right now, they don’t have 4G or even a smart phone for that matter!

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So I got a new iPhone 6s, which is great. I figured I will add my card to this so I can save myself time when paying for shit at places that have contactless payment or support Apple Pay. I tried adding my card, and it said ‘This card isn’t issued by your bank’, I figured that’s weird.. According to the Apple site Ulster Bank is supported.

I was thinking it had something to do with Ulster Bank just being shit as normal. So when I got the chance because I work silly hours I headed down to my local branch. Previously before heading to my bank I gave them or a call centre agent, to enquire as to why my card isn’t allowing me to add it to Apple Pay. The guy didn’t really have a clue and stuck me on hold twice to find out why it wouldn’t add. Fair enough, he might be new or just didn’t have a clue as to why it wouldn’t be working, regardless! He came back after having me on hold for a bit and says I need a contactless card. It doesn’t mention that on Apple site or their own site, well from what i can see anyway, but whatever. The guy on the phone said you have to go to your local branch to your local branch to apply for a contactless card. Fair enough, wasn’t going to be to much hassle as my local branch is around 20 minutes away from me, so not bad.

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