So you get the message “Metafile Download Failed Error” when you try to download Adobe Reader or Flash for that matter. Fear not!

The only reason I’m posting this fix is because so many people I’ve talked to have spoken about it, so here’s the easiest way to get around it I guess.

Download the installer from for your Adobe Reader errors, this should fix it, if not let me know. If you are looking to download Flash and you’re getting that error, then go to to download it via the download manager.

This is pretty much the easiest way to get around that error. I think it’s just an error with the air app that’s trying to install reader/flash or something like that. If you are having this problem after you try this method, drop a comment below and I’ll see if I can help you out.

So your computer is telling you have 9999 viruses and this program wants you to pay to remove them? Fear not.

The program is a fake, you probably have no viruses what so ever, this just freaks people out when they see it, and they want to get it removed right away. Basically what this program does, gives you false information and doesn’t let you run exe’s, that’s about it, here’s a quick fix.

Step 1:
Start > in the search field type ‘command’ alternatively you can press Win+R

Step 2:
When command opens (the black box) type ‘notepad’ and hit enter. Notepad will open, copy and paste the text below into notepad.

Continue “Remove Win 7 Antispyware 2012”

For people who use Sony Vegas 8 or less for editing, and you can’t edit you mp4 or mov files here’s the fix or way around it without having to convert it.

Do not update to Quicktime 7.6.4, stay with 7.6.2. For Sony Vegas users, it was causing problems with mp4 and mov files, I don’t know why this is im just here to tell you not to do it.

Another problem people are having that i have seen, is that they are complaining when they drag a .mov clip from their camera into vegas, it shows the video but no audio, or the audio is just dead on the time line.

To fix this, just change the extension of .mov to .mp4 then drag it in., it should then work with audio. If by some chance it doesn’t then here’s what to do next.

Last choice would be to convert it with a program called MediaCoder, or you can get quicktime pro so you can export the mov or mp4 file. When you are exporting in Quicktime, make sure you select MP4 – and Pass through.

What this does is that it wraps the .mov file in .mp4 container, so vegas picks up the audio. If your video is then laggy, then you can google that or I will write-up a tutorial on a fix for you.

If you have any problems at all in getting this fix to work, then let me know by dropping a comment.