Huawei Ascend P6

So this phone has been in the works for a long ass time. Its a beautiful phone ill give it that. Its sorta a mix of the iPhone and the Xperia Z, theres no denying that like. In saying that, this phone is thin as a mother fucker. It looks clean and i think it will sell pretty well. Here is the specs:


Facebook Home & HTC First

So now that its all came out about this Facebook Home shite, im just gonna run over what i think about it etc. Feel free to comment with your views. Lets start of with Facebook Home Facebook Home to me ins’t really that exciting to be honest. Its a modified launcher for Android, whoop de doo. In saying that, it looks as if they [...]


My thoughts on the Nexus 4

In this post im gonna give you a little run down on what i think of the Nexus 4, why you should and shouldn’t buy it, and how it compares to other phones. What I do and don’t like about the Nexus 4 first. So, I only recently bought my Nexus 4, i read countless reviews about it, some good, some bad. After long hours reading [...]