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Apple AirPods released!

So its official. The AirPods have been released. Took long enough eh? The Verge, 9to5 Mac and The Next Web have a few posts if you would like to read them. I’ve been waiting on a pair of these for a while now but it seemed that Apple had issues with the bluetooth side of things. Feel free to do a quick search on that. In a press [...]


HTC One Mini

So this is my take on the HTC One Mini. Over all the build of the phone is amazing. Full aluminium body is always a plus, because if you drop it its not going to fucking smash into a million pieces. I will list the spec of the phone then discuss a little more about each.


Huawei Ascend P6

So this phone has been in the works for a long ass time. Its a beautiful phone ill give it that. Its sorta a mix of the iPhone and the Xperia Z, theres no denying that like. In saying that, this phone is thin as a mother fucker. It looks clean and i think it will sell pretty well. Here is the specs:


Facebook Home & HTC First

So now that its all came out about this Facebook Home shite, im just gonna run over what i think about it etc. Feel free to comment with your views. Lets start of with Facebook Home Facebook Home to me ins’t really that exciting to be honest. Its a modified launcher for Android, whoop de doo. In saying that, it looks as if they [...]


Nexus 5 Rumour roundup

This is just going to be a short post on what i think the Nexus 5 will come out and some rumours from around the web. So reading posts and stories all over the interwebs over the past week, all aim to roughly about the same sort of specs etc.. Unless they’ve just copied from each other and its went down the list… (which it [...]


My thoughts on the Nexus 4

In this post im gonna give you a little run down on what i think of the Nexus 4, why you should and shouldn’t buy it, and how it compares to other phones. What I do and don’t like about the Nexus 4 first. So, I only recently bought my Nexus 4, i read countless reviews about it, some good, some bad. After long hours reading [...]