So I’m currently watching a live PPV stream of McGregor giving a speech.

The guy is so popular that he is able to charge to hear him speak. Me being one of them suckers I went ahead and purchased one for £3.99 which is not much for me or anyone for that matter, but I would honestly like to see the numbers when everything gets published just to check and see how he stacks up without the UFC.

Right now is the start of the stream, it started at 9PM UK Time and there is some dude singing shit songs. He is ok, but he is nothing special. The message is currently showing ‘Apologises for the late running of the event’ so I suppose that means he is rolling in, in his own time, as he would say ‘On my time I’m early!’ because no fucks be given.

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So this is another update for the second match of McGregor vs Diaz, I gave my thoughts on the first match, you can read about it here.

This is some thoughts on what I think and how it might play out.

In the aspect of things Diaz took the first fight on 10-11 days notice and beat Conor, now that’s all well and good. Nate said that if/when he has a full camp he won’t or wouldn’t have got touched, but I highly doubt that. Nate has really solid jabs and a really good ground game. Thats what he has going for him at the moment. I’m not sure who Nate is going to bring in to train with, but it better be people who can duck and move as quick as Conor can. I haven’t seen much videos or updates on Nate training so it will be interesting to see what he has got the first round of the fight.

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All the hype building up to this fight only for Conor to get choked out.

Basically he came up weights and wasn’t ready. He looked ready from all the videos posted on Instagram etc. I thought he was in shape, you could see the difference in the guy right off the bat. As soon as he started putting the weight on it was noticeable.

When it came to the fight, I had money on Conor winning, maybe 2nd or 3rd round. The reason I thought this is because, Diaz is a lanky mother fucker, Conor has never dealt with that. He has always had a bigger reach than any of the people he has fought. His speed was there, he was dodging a good few of Nate’s punches, but some of them where getting through, and they are the ones that stung Conor.

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