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New iPhone & iPad

First things first. iPhone 7/7+ Red Apple released a new colour of iPhone. (PRODUCT) Red. Same everything else, just the colour has changed. On the Apple Online Store it clearly states ‘Order from 15:01 on 24.03’, you would be surprised how many people ask ‘When is it released’ and sound

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Back using iPhone

I’m back to iOS! So I’m back using an iPhone. I couldn’t deal with the crappy slow phones, I thought I could, maybe save a little money, or not need it that much, but the fact is, I can’t. The reasons I can’t are basically the speed of the phone and the lack of Apps on other platform

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Hey all just a quick post to show you guys and girls this new app coming out for iPhone. Its called Mailbox. Nice little app for managing mail etc. The mail app for iPhone thats build in, is ok and it gets the job done, but this looks slick as

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Summly is a sweet little app i came across when reading the news. Said it got to 9th place on the app store in so many days or something like that. Besides the point. The reason for this post is just to go over a few things i think are

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Installed iOS4

So Wuddup peeps. I recently installed the iOS4 software for the iPhone, iPod etc.. Anyway. I only have a 3G iPhone and most of the features aren’t supported on the 3G. In saying that, the phone itself seems to run a bit smoother. I’m pretty sure the only 2 updates