This is my quick run down of the housemates and what i think of them. As time goes on ill update with a new post. I would include images of the housemates that went in, but Channel5 have little small profile pictures on their website instead of full width images, and i dont want to have to edit each image. I’ve applied for to be a video partner so i can show you lot some video and what not, im kinda hoping they will provide images than i can use also. But heres the run down, tell me what you think.

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So i blogged about Big Brother 2010 and gave it my thoughts and when it first started my thoughts on the housemates, now its 2011 and the new series of Big Brother is airing in 2 days.

This year’s Big Brother isn’t being aired on Channel 4 anymore, the rights to it have be bought by Channel 5. Channel 4 was Big Brothers home, people weren’t to happy when there was a new series airing on Channel 5, well in saying that, Big Brother was supposed to be done with, but Channel 5 went ahead and revived it, pretty sure its just for the view count, but what ever.

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Hey all. So i was talking to Freddy about certain things. So just asked him what he was up to and he said he was watching Merlin. I never heard of this show, but with a title like Merlin i had to check it out. Its a show on the BBC about a young wizard. That got my attention right away, anything with powers or magic, im in. I didn’t know it was a show from the BBC though lol, really cant believe i never had heard of it.

Anyway, im just downloading the seasons now, ive been streaming the first few eps and it seems pretty good. It only being in its early stages, well for me anyway watching from season one, hes still learning to use his powers. I love how a wizard/magic what ever, develops like that its great.

Anyway, so that will be taking up my time until i watch them all.

Sidenote: American tv pisses me of. Thanks giving, fuck sake like. No Smallville, Vampire Diaries, or Supernatural, it broke my fuckin heart lol.

Drop a comment if you watch, or have watched a few episodes, tell me what you think!

So i don’t know how many people actually watch Smallville who read my blog posts, but i just wanna take the time out to say, ITS FUCKING AMAZING. Tom Welling is such a good actor, but to me, and plenty of other people the show storyline is all mixed/messed up. Sorta taking bits from the movies and bits from the comics and splashing them together. Yes it works to an extent, but going overboard you just gotta stop.

I have been a Smallville fan for like… EVER. A mate of mine told me about it, way way back, and i was hooked. I love any show/movie were people have certain powers, even if its alien powers or even just a power of the mind, ill be watching it.

So what do you all think about Smallville? Have you been watching from season one? If so, and your up to the latest episode of season 9 then drop a comment with your views on the show =). I don’t want to give any spoilers away because it just sucks when you read it when you don’t want to.

So guys and girls, i dont know if any of you watch this, nor have even heard of it, but if you have then good, tell me what you think about it in the comments, for the people that havent, its basically a series of Lord of the rings. You have a wizard, a dude with a sord, and warrior fighting stuff, that along with a love story. Im not going to go into to much detail about this, im sure you can just google legend of the seeker and find out what its all about. Continue “Legend of the Seeker Review”