UK Mail have been around for some time and do what they can, but their best is not good enough.

I have worked for companies who use UK Mail as their delivery service and continue to use them because for the simple reason is that they are cheap. UK Mail work for minimum wage, they take minimum payment contracts with providers and that’s how they stay in business.

It seems that they have stooped to a new low as every time I hear or read someone is speaking badly of UK Mail, there is nothing good to say about them and that’s something they need to address.

People don’t really have control if UK Mail delivers their items, this is down to the company who is using them, the location the package is getting delivered to etc.

Here are a few random tweets from people who are complaining of UK Mail. I couldn’t find any tweets where people had said they did a good job.

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Drama is in everyone’s life, don’t get me wrong. There is a few people I don’t speak to anymore because there is too much drama in the silly lives they led. I can safely say I don’t have any drama in my life at all. Reason for this is, I don’t give a fuck about what people think or to try to annoy me. People will annoy me yes, but only for the amount of time I’m speaking to them, I don’t let the words they speak bother thereafter.

Most people get caught up and let shit bother them, to me this just means that the other person is in control of your emotions, or better yet, controlling your emotions. Emotions are a silly human thing, but we all have them from hate, love, anger, stress, jealousy etc. But I believe you can control these emotions with enough time and patience. Most people don’t do this, they rely on help from others, advise, medicine, to be shown how to control them or talk about them I suppose.

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So you show people that you are dedicated and that you are willing to do anything that needs to be done. Many people see dedication as a good thing, but sometimes your hard work and dedication to something doesn’t always have a positive outcome. Let me explain…

Dedication comes in many forms, some small portions some that just blow everything and everyone out of the water. Many people like to put in a little time and effort and be happy whilst doing so. Others like to do as much as they can to the point where it might put them under a lot of stress and fuck with they’re emotions. For the people that put in just the right amount live happy and see that they are changing things, doing things different to have a positive outcome. Others love to show people what they can really do, so they go to the ends of the earth to show someone that what they do matters, and without them it wouldn’t get done in the same fashion.

People who see hard work and dedication from someone, they either think.

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I’m just going to have a wee rant here about Ulster Bank for their lack of fucking brains when it comes to accounts and what they do with them when a fraud case is raised.

About half a year ago I was ordering stuff online. I placed an order for a costly package, all well and good. The next day i go to take some ‘walking about money’ out of an ATM machine, and it doesn’t accept my card, im like hmm.. must just be the machine that doesn’t work. Fine ill try another.

I walk across the street to another ATM, same thing again. Now im thinking what the fuck is going on here? I give my bank a call and say, look ive tried to get money out of my account and it’s not letting me, can you have a look. She says please hold.

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Hey all, so ive been thinking long and hard about giving up blogging, but like still vlogging (video blogging) and tweeting etc.. It’s just, I write-up all these posts for you guys and girls, and i pretty much waste my time. I know in the long shot its a good idea to blog because you can look back on things and maybe someone who needs a little bit of help will find one of my posts by searching google or where ever it maybe. I would leave the blog up and running for that purpose and maybe stop by to blog every now and then.

Normally when I ask questions on my blog, I don’t get any replies. I mean, they arent really that urgent, but it would just be nice for a few fresh people to leave a comment or two, so i know they are reading.

The stats for my site are through the roof, and I don’t see how I only get like 3-4 comments max, its beyond me. I dunno what to do anymore, ive a few idea’s planed of what I could do on the net, but that’s early days yet. I could maybe just leave my blog up and blog every so often, or maybe I could bring a few people on board who want to write-up a post or two, maybe something im missing to post to get the comments etc.. What do you guys and girls think? Not that i will get much comments on this, but if you are grateful enough to drop a comment with a yes or no, and a why, that would be great.