Heres a video of this band i just found out about. My mate Warren posted a video to his bebo, and i think they’re fucking amazing. Ive already downloaded one of their albums, and i plan on downloading a whole lot more.

This song is called Path To Decay, and its just fucking amazing.

Update: You can now check them out on Spotify!

So guys and girls, im pretty sure that most of you have heard that Michael is dead. When i heard about it first of my mate gerdoyle i thought that he was just bullshitting me, but i know most of what he says to me is the truth, so i got a flood of texts coming in telling me that he has died. I was like, fucking hell it must be true then, or someone has just forwarded these messages believing it was true. Turns out? It actually was. You can read the article at the guardian.

In my eyes, all that shit about touching kids and all that, im not one to say its true or not true, he got proven guilty, but what ever, besides the point. He is a fucking amazing singer, and the best dancer ive ever seen like. Hope he rests in piece. He has showin people how to dance, and sang amazing songs, some sad, and some bad, i know plenty of people will never forget him. Fucking legend at dancing and singing. Truly is the King of pop. Fair Play.