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Law Abiding Citizen Review

This isnt so much a review of it, its just my thoughts on it for all you reading. This film came out in 2009, i watched it and thought it was amazing. I love a show when theres 1 man, who always thinks 10 steps ahead and is smart as fuck. Reminded me a little of Prison Break.


The Karate Kid 2010

So I haven’t did a movie review in a while, so this time im gonna talk about The Karate Kid 2010. Read more for the trailer and my review of it. NOTE: Contains Spoilers! So if you haven’t seen the movie, do not read this review. If you have already watched the movie and would like to read, go right ahead. Now for the people [...]


The Boxer 2009

Just got done watching this movie for a second time. I remember i watched this ages ago, i didnt think it was released in 2009, but anyway. If you havent watched it already you really should, go and search google for something like, the boxer 2009 streaming and you should find a few links to watch it. It has a good story to it, but the [...]