Name: Anthony (you can call me Anto )
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Location: Belfast

About this blog
I first started this blog back in March 2008. Since then its been through many changes, and even at one stage i started over again, deleting all my posts and everything i had wrote, decided i wanted a fresh start. From then, i post mainly about my life, everything from what movies im watching to what i did that day. I try to pack as much content in as i can, whether it be text based content or vlogs.

The name is Anto, I’m 26 from Belfast. I enjoy coding HTML, CSS , JS, PHP and also dabble in a little WordPress. I’ve designed a few themes back in the day you can check them out here. I have a few designs etc locally, portfolio is a work in progress.

I drink massive amounts of coke, which is a fucking pity to be honest, if i could stop drinking it i would, but its so addictive =(. I smoke Samson tobacco, use green rizla papers and swan ultra slim tips.

If you get on well with me, not acting like your above me no matter what the case, we’ll get on well, if not and you wanna be the wanker, you’ll pay dearly for it. So don’t be a douche, treat everyone as equals, your not above anyone regardless of your ‘job’.

The sites I’m mostly on would be youtube and my own blog. Theres a hell of a lot more, but they are pretty much the basic ones.

To business men and women:
What you read on my blog doesn’t define me as a person. I post anything i want because its ‘my’ blog. I use cuss/curse words all the time, once again, doesn’t define me as a person, step out of your business shoes and into the real world for once, look at it as a bit of fun, keep work to work, don’t make it personal. If you judge someone by what they write on a blog then you can get fucked. kthnxbye.

Three wishes:

  • 1. Undo all the wrong I’ve did, or most of it.
  • 2. To have any of the 1 power. (Speed, Fly & Strength)
  • 3. Unlimited bag of money (its the answer to 99.9% of all questions)

If there’s anything else you want to know, @imanto me on twitter.

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