Name: Anthony (you can call me Anto )
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Location: Belfast

About this blog

I first started this blog back in March 2008. Since then its been through many changes, and even at one stage I started over again, deleting all my posts and everything I had written, decided I wanted a fresh start. From then, I post mainly about random things that happen in my life. The odd time I will post up a technical fix for something random, or have a mad rant about something so stupid but so annoying. I’m sure you will fucking love it!….


My name is Anto, I’m 28 from Belfast. I enjoy coding HTML, CSS , JS, PHP and also dabble in a little WordPress. I work for a respected technology company providing an excellent customer experience and service.

Everyday I wake up, get the bus, visit the shop, pay for my shit with Apple Pay, which normally consists of three bananas, one can of red bull maybe and a bottle or two of smart water. I then roll in to work to start the day. I smoke Samson tobacco, use green rizla papers and swan ultra slim tips. I used to smoke a lot, but now I smoke and vape.

To business men and women

Keep work to work, personal to personal, don’t confuse yourself or throw your weight about despite your job role, we will get on just fine =). Don’t condescend people.

What you read on my blog doesn’t define me as a person. I post what I want because its my blog. I use bad language a lot, however that doesn’t define me as a person, step out of your business shoes and into the real world for once, look at it as a bit of fun, keep work to work, don’t make it personal. If you judge someone by what they write on a blog then you can get fucked. kthnxbye.

Three wishes:

  • 1. Undo all the wrong I’ve done, or most of it.
  • 2. To have any of the 1 power. (Speed, Fly & Strength)
  • 3. Unlimited bag of money (it’s the answer to 99.9% of all questions)

If there’s anything else you want to know, @imanto me on twitter.