WWDC 2017 – Thoughts

This year at WWDC 2017 there is a few things to expect. MacBook upgrades, Siri Speaker, new iPads and software updates.

New iPad Pro

There will be a new iPad Pro for sure. There has been to many leaks for there not to be. The leaks and cases around the web have confirmed it will be a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, rocking the A10 chip, quite possibly a A10X chip with some function that is only valid with that iPad and won’t work with other iPads in the line-up, marketing at its best ha! Obviously it will have the Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold colours as all the rest do, well possibly no rose gold as the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, iPad or iPad Mini 4 doesn’t have it, so we shall see. There might be a few design tweaks and such, but more to follow on Monday when WWDC happens.

New MacBooks

I wouldn’t say ‘new’ MacBooks for this one to be honest as it will just be upgrades mainly, if you class that as new, then good for you. The MacBook range, I’m pretty sure all of them will get the Kaby Lake chips from Intel this time around. When these are released Intel are already working or have released new chips once again. So, people will probably complain that these chips are a generation behind when they have no idea what they do. The one I’m most interested in is the MacBook Air if it gets a retina display, processor update and keeps the keyboard in there, if they go the Core M or whatever route for the processor and incarnate the new keyboard they use then I shan’t be a fan. I don’t like the clicky keyboard on the MacBook or the MacBook Pro for that matter, even know the Pro has a second gen butterfly switch, I still don’t like it, I prefer traction, then I can make sure the key has been pressed, although I can see it coming, time will tell.

Siri Speaker?

Yeah that’s right. Apple are set to release this speaker to compete with the Alexa and Google Home pretty much. If this is released and works well with all Apple Products it will be a winner. There is supposed to be major developments to improve Siri, because Google is showing them up these days when it comes to voice assistants, so let’s see how that goes. I read that they had only started production of these, it’s probably an early prototype on stage for a demo. Maybe something along the lines of Beats something… Free Apple Music for X number of months, play on any device, or have anything you ask it to get sent to your iOS, watchOS, macOS or tvOS devices. Im pretty sure that’s how it will be, but again, time will tell.

iOS 11 and macOS Software updates.

iOS is pretty much confirmed as this is what we always see at WWDC, this alongside a updated/features added to macOS.
With iOS I don’t think there will be a complete design refresh, although there will be some major changes and advancements with Ios 11. Redesigned Apple Music app as everyone and their granny hates the current layout of it on iOS. There could also be a peer-to-peer payment system put in place, because why not right? Think about it? Someone owes you money and they are like ‘yeah I need to go to the bank’. Not anymore. You see them with an iPhone that supports contactless payments, open the app, hold close and payment made, would be awesome!

Most likely Siri will get the ‘Hey Siri’ on the Mac and have the same functionality as Siri on Ios. I’m sure there will be a bunch of little things added to macOS as they always do, something to improve their internal apps from requests from the public with the beta’s and stuff that get released, so be interesting to see.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the MacBook upgrades, should be very interesting to see the direction they go with this one, and mostly the MacBook Air in my eyes.

Anything you are looking forward to most? Drop a comment below.