What to expect from Apple according to foxconn insider

So from everything that was leaked online from what to expect from Apple, this seems legit AF. God help the person if they get caught releasing the information haha.

For the price the iPhone 8/X is going to be, I wont be getting one myself but I know a few that will pay that much for a phone.

All the information below on what to expect with upcoming Apple products.

iPhone X

Production delayed. Fingerprint sensor under front glass. No sensor on back.

Current leaked dummy models with rear Touch ID and another with steel bezels, are both false. Reports of models with rear Touch ID, but nothing concrete. “Out team thinks the previous design + camera authentication is more likely.”

Rear Touch ID rumors are misinformation by Apple.

Will look similar to current iPhone 7, but less bezels on top and bottom of display. Will use more glass. New Touch ID module.

Bezels will be uniform across the entire border of the screen, except at the top. New rear camera module with vertical orientation.

The front facing camera will protrude into the top of the screen.

These mock ups are close to the real design.

Features include: increased water resistance, Wireless charging, Lightning port. No USB-C.

Fast charging via Lightning.

Front facing cameras will include facial detection and retina scanning for biometrics.

Touch ID will be under the screen.

3GB of ram.

The back will be glass, not aluminum, to allow wireless charging.

The glass back will be similar to the one used in the iPhone 4, but with improvements. It will not be Bulk Metalic Glass.

Glass back would be “non-traditional” and shatter resistant.

No dual SIM cards.

iPhone 7s

Will be announced alongside iPhone X in in th fall. Will use same aluminum unibody as current 7.

Will not include wireless charging.

Apple Glasses

Code named: “Project Mirrorshades – Apple Iris. Kopin NED Acetate frame. Polarisized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics. Bone induction modules. Microphones (noise cancellation). Light sensor. Accelerometer for step tracking and head movement app navigation. Magnetometer for navigation. Capacitive Pavel. Ceramic battery. Apple chipset. Charging circuit. BL5. Induction module”.

Delayed at least until 2018/2019.

65% chance the current project is cancelled. Very unique design and difficult to make. If done properly it could be as revolutionary as the first iPhone.

Given cost of materials, expected MSRP around $600.

Key feature would be bringing AR to masss market.

428 x 240 display resolution.

Image will be displayed on the glass via a prism..

Optics made in germany.

Features include: Microphone for voice, magnetometer, accelerometer, touch sensitive strip on the arm.

Being made in different colors: Crystal, Chapmaign, Black. Possibly available in polarized and prescription lenses. Frames will be made of cellulose acetate. P3 frame design. Two size, men and womens.

New frame colors would possibly be released on a seasonal basis.

NED display would only be in a single lens, due to battery life.

Display would be in the right eye. One day of battery life.

Bone conducting modules in the arms. Would allow for siri command and phone calls.

Siri Speaker

No recent information. Last design seen was similar to trash can Mac Pro, but smaller.

Three prototypes tested: one with display, one without display, one without camera.

Expected announcement at WWDC, but not shipping until end of 2017 due to delays.

Will use a modified A9 SoC.


Incremental update in 2017. Full redesign in 2018.

Updated design language. More glass and dark black body.

New Design “somewhat” similar to Thunderbolt Display. Black finish will be similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 4.

Will issue an updated report before October on status of the iMac and keyboard.

New keyboard with “smart keys” coming alongside full redesign in 2018.

New External Keyboard

Keys will have E-ink display embedded in key caps. Currently testing different B&W and color prototypes.

Expected release date: late 2018 / early 2019.

Low profile key travel, but totally different switch mechanism not made by apple.

related: Apple experimented with a full size keyboard design with backlighting, but scrapped it.

MacBook Pro

Bring back glowing apple logo.

Glowing apple logo will come from new microLED panel, not the main display backlight.

No changes to the current 4X Thunderbolt ports.

Future models could have E-ink keyboard. Touch bar will remain.

E-ink keyboard can also light up, replace the standard backlighting.

Updated 2017 with models with minor improvements are currently in production.

32GB ram option for 2017 15″ model.

No touch sensitive displays in the pipeline.

“MagSafe will return.”- in about “12-18 months.”

Touchbar will not get 3D Touch haptic feedback.

MacBook 12″

Macbook Air


Apple Watch

Apple TV

Apple Car

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