The fuck? Spotify is testing Sponsored Songs

Spotify are now testing this ‘Sponsored Songs’ shit. It’s basically like and ad showing on your playlists, or random playlists. It shows a song above them and prompts you to listen or save it. Seen the post over at The Verge.


From this image above it’s some bullshit. I’ve got it on my playlists as well every so often, and well… I don’t want it Spotify, stop your testing right now and don’t show me something I don’t want to see when I pay for your service, aim it at your free customers and not paid users.

You can switch it off in Settings > Display Options on desktop and Settings > Sponsored Content on mobile. This shouldn’t be the case to be honest.


From The Verge: Spotify continues to seek additional revenue streams as it pushes to go public this year and avoid penalty fees from the $1 billion debt round it raised last year. Although they recently announced 140 million active users, the company posted an operating loss of $389 million in 2016.

I think it might be time soon to switch to Apple Music and be done with Spotify. I’ve been with Spotify for years and slowly but surely they have been getting better. Well.. somewhat, they still can’t solve the problem of when you add a track to a playlist that the user gets notified.

What about you? With Apple Music or Spotify, will this change your mind, along with all the other crap that goes on with Spotify these days?