New iPhone & iPad

First things first. iPhone 7/7+ Red

Apple released a new colour of iPhone. (PRODUCT) Red. Same everything else, just the colour has changed. On the Apple Online Store it clearly states ‘Order from 15:01 on 24.03’, you would be surprised how many people ask ‘When is it released’ and sound silly. Don’t be lazy and look for it before asking silly questions.

iPad Air 2 gets replaced with just.. iPad

The iPad Air was replaced with the iPad. Its thicker, heavier, has a slight bigger battery and a slightly faster processor, thats about it really. I’m sure in time an iPad Mini will come out also, so they will have iPad Pro, iPad and iPad Mini to keep things simple for themselves and others who don’t know which one to choose.

New straps and cases

There is new cases, watch straps and covers. This is everything that was released besides the iPhone and iPad. The accessories page has been updated to include pretty much everything. The Apple Watch straps page has also been updated. Now you can’t purchase an Apple Watch with a nylon strap, you have to purchase them separately…

Oh yeah, the iPhone SE doubled in storage and stayed the same price, its a nice touch as most people wanted a higher storage size in the iPhone SE.

Whats your thoughts on all this?

(images copyright to Apple)