Littlewoods, the best at false advertisement?

So there was a Facebook post that I came across and seen that loads of my friends/family had liked it or shared it etc. Its strange to see that they can blatantly advertise false pricing.

The claim in this advertisement that you can save £400 on Apple products. This is fake. Allow me to break it down.

LW iPad Pro = £549 Showing a reduction from £699
LW Macbook Air 13′ = £949 Showing a reduction from £1200.
LW iPhone 7 32GB = £599 Showing reduction from £779

Apple UK = iPad Pro 9.7′ 32GB £549
Apple UK = Macbook Air 13′ £949
Apple UK = iPhone 7 32GB = £599

The list above clearly shows that they are reducing the price, which has never been true. The prices ‘reduced from’ have never existed and they are tricking customers in to thinking they are getting a saving. I thought this was illegal?

They are claiming you can get 0% interest and things like that, but it still doesn’t make a difference to the prices. Theese companies purchase the products in bulk, so they get them at an even lower price, even if its only 5% off, its still a saving for Littlewoods.

Feel free to click on the comments from the Facebook post above. Every single comment shows how bad of company they are. I’ve taken a screenshot of the post also just incase they decide to remove it.

(image is from the Littlewoods page, all rights go to them)