Is this the best look at the iPhone 8?

There has been a lot of photos floating about the web of what the iPhone 8 could look like, but these images seem to be a really good look of how it could turn out.

The renders of the iPhone 8 are by Benjamin Geskin for iDropNews. They really are something to look at for a better idea. You can see that he has lined the iPhone 8 up with the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, all somewhat looking similar. 

LG G6 / iPhone 8 / Samsung Galaxy S8

nullJust like the other two phones the iPhone has an edge-to-edge display which is really nice to see, I’m pretty sure reports say that Samsung is making it for them.

The chin is now gone and supposed to be replaced with a finger print scanner embedded on the display/behind the glass, which would be nice, but I can see people further down the line who don’t really use iPhones or wouldn’t know how to unlock it by just putting their finger in a specific place at the bottom, time will tell.

iPhone 8

The camera app looks fantastic! Taking advantage of the extended display will look great!

People are aiming for the iPhone to be called either the iPhone X or the iPhone Edition, personally, I think they will call it the iPhone X.

Will you be getting an iPhone [whatever], or something else this time around?

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