An experience with Conor McGregor

So I’m currently watching a live PPV stream of McGregor giving a speech.

The guy is so popular that he is able to charge to hear him speak. Me being one of them suckers I went ahead and purchased one for £3.99 which is not much for me or anyone for that matter, but I would honestly like to see the numbers when everything gets published just to check and see how he stacks up without the UFC.

Right now is the start of the stream, it started at 9PM UK Time and there is some dude singing shit songs. He is ok, but he is nothing special. The message is currently showing ‘Apologises for the late running of the event’ so I suppose that means he is rolling in, in his own time, as he would say ‘On my time I’m early!’ because no fucks be given.

There is an old style band playing like some shit out of ‘The Notebook’, kinda like a jazz/swing band but a little more modern. .

He even went ahead and got whatever one of his peasants to buy the domain ‘’ which is a nice touch, this will work for future live streams. I honestly can’t wait to see the numbers and then I will update this post with the total that was made from the live stream alone.

He actually said in his last UFC post interview that he doesn’t want all this famous shit, he doesn’t want to bring his kid in to the celeb world and things like that, but he’s doing this, strange.

In one of his IG posts he says ‘fuck the UFC’ lol. He honestly doesn’t give a fuck and it shows. Nice to see that he doesn’t really need the UFC, the UFC needs him, now it makes me wonder if the new owners of the UFC have came spoke to him like he requested at his UFC 205 post conference..

21:15 – This guy singing this fucking jazz crap is now on his fourth song and he is singing ‘Under My Skin’. Hopefully this is the last.

21:16 – The late message is gone from the stream and the crowd is getting big, the band has stopped.. and ok the late message is back up, although the singer said ‘hope you have enjoyed the music and this will be the last for the night’, thank fuck…

21:25 – There is a fucking massive crowd there, it looked packed out. The camera paned to Dapper Laughs, if you don’t know who he is then google him. Now the late message has came up again, he doesn’t give a fuck about time haha, but suppose it lets people get settled.

21:30 – Live draw of a bunch of things from McGregor and a few other things. Wonder how much the tickets where for that shit! The star prize was a meet and greet with Conor.

21:33 – Ariel Helwani comes on stage! He is interviewing McGregor! Thats cool, I read about that a while ago. He loves it!

21:42 – Bruce Buffer introducing Conor! Thats pretty cool, I wonder if they paid him to get that done or did he just want to of his own accord lol. Conor walks on stage!

21:58 – Conor is enjoying himself, and speaking his mind. He’s pretty giddy and getting in to it.

The rest of the time he just spoke from the heart it seemed, which was pretty good to see :). He has strong feelings toward getting the Floyd Mayweather fight going, that is top priority on his list, so it should be interesting to see what he can get done.

He either had a few drinks beforehand or that was one strong vodka and orange he was drinking lol. He seemed to be getting a bit tipsy, but fair play. It looks like he was just there to have a good time and chill out. You can really see he’s just chilling out in general, sitting back to see what happens and where the money is at. After his kid is born I think he will be busting back on to the MMA scene, maybe a few months in, and come back a few months before the end of 2017 to take the featherweight back belt again and shut Aldo up, or defend his lightweight belt, as he says ‘We’ll see’.

Overall it was an interesting watch, worth the £3.99, I can’t wait to hear or read the numbers of how many people turned in plus the 5K or so people there.

Amazing to see that he can charge PPV for a fucking interview lol. Fair doos!

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