So I’m currently watching a live PPV stream of McGregor giving a speech.

The guy is so popular that he is able to charge to hear him speak. Me being one of them suckers I went ahead and purchased one for £3.99 which is not much for me or anyone for that matter, but I would honestly like to see the numbers when everything gets published just to check and see how he stacks up without the UFC.

Right now is the start of the stream, it started at 9PM UK Time and there is some dude singing shit songs. He is ok, but he is nothing special. The message is currently showing ‘Apologises for the late running of the event’ so I suppose that means he is rolling in, in his own time, as he would say ‘On my time I’m early!’ because no fucks be given.

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Nokia are back!

The new Nokia 6 looks beautiful. With its full aluminum body and dual-camera set up its looking nice. The specs are not all the rage, however its going for around $250, thats like £200 here in the UK, but the way the prices for phones these days are going I can see it being £250.

The Nokia 6 has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage with which to run the latest version of Android Nougat, this is amazing to hear! Not many android smartphones will run the latest right out of the box. I read somewhere that Nokia was in bed with Google on this one to make an awesome comeback, which is always nice to see.

Its packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 430 processor, thats not bad for a mid-ranged phone from them! With the 4GB of RAM is should run smooth enough in a sense. Shall see as time goes on if they release to other countries.

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