UK Mail, one of the worst?


UK Mail have been around for some time and do what they can, but their best is not good enough.

I have worked for companies who use UK Mail as their delivery service and continue to use them because for the simple reason is that they are cheap. UK Mail work for minimum wage, they take minimum payment contracts with providers and that’s how they stay in business.

It seems that they have stooped to a new low as every time I hear or read someone is speaking badly of UK Mail, there is nothing good to say about them and that’s something they need to address.

People don’t really have control if UK Mail delivers their items, this is down to the company who is using them, the location the package is getting delivered to etc.

Here are a few random tweets from people who are complaining of UK Mail. I couldn’t find any tweets where people had said they did a good job.

It feels like this person who tweeted above has had multiple bad experiences with UK Mail, when I see that word ‘sinking’, it speaks volumes. I know many people who have been in her shoes and I can completely understand what they mean when they speak this lowly of UK Mail.

This is a tweet that was part of a conversation from her and a wine company. If you see that the wine company has took full responsibility for the delivery issue, UK Mail was nowhere to be seen on the twitter feed. This is something need to start doing and give reasons as to why the delivery has been delayed. I found that when people have a valid reason for a delivery being delayed they aren’t to pissed about it and show a little understanding, this is something UK Mail never do.

This tweet looks like this person has had a few bad experiences with yet again. She knows that when UK Mail don’t deliver something, you can expect it to be lost and an investigation takes around 2 weeks for them to admit loss of the item so the customer can be refunded for whatever it is they are purchasing. It’s another one for the books of bad shit said about UK Mail.

This tweet is about UK Mail’s phone service. This is just as bad if not worse than actually getting the package to you, undamaged and actually sign for the item. With the phone service from UK Mail they require you to enter your tracking number, if there is a delay with the item there is an automated service that tells you it is delayed and 9/10 doesn’t tell you when it will be re-delivered. Again, this needs to be address and they need to start providing excellent customer service to tackle the delayed deliveries shit!

With this tweet the customer didn’t even know who UK Mail where. Says a lot. There is only a select few companies that they have cheap contracts with to provide a cheap service. The calling card was left under the bin with this tweet! In this instance the card could have blown under the bin right? None the less, suppose have to give them a little credit for replying to a customer on twitter to look in to it right?

In this last tweet the customer tells people to avoid them like the plague. To me that says that they have had the last straw with UK Mail. They speak lowly of their phone support again and it is designed to make you get off the phone basically. In this case that is true, there is no option to be put through to an actual person in regards to your delivery because they don’t to take full responsibility and provide an actual reason as to why the item was delayed.

If you do a quick search on twitter you will find it hard to find something good being said about UK Mail. I’ve seen a lot of things to no delivery, losing the items and signatures being forged. I mean really? What kind of bullshit is that?

I’ll end this post with this. UK Mail need to get the finger out, they need to concentrate on their customer support a lot more. I know they are a delivery company, but when you provide excellent customer support, even if you do suck at delivering, you just need to grow a set of balls, take responsibility and have a chat with your customers. If there is a middle man who delivers to you from the company you have the contract with, feel free to assign blame and tell the customer the truth. If you don’t receive the package to you warehouse quick enough to have it processed and delivered, then explain why and things will pick up.