UK Mail have been around for some time and do what they can, but their best is not good enough.

I have worked for companies who use UK Mail as their delivery service and continue to use them because for the simple reason is that they are cheap. UK Mail work for minimum wage, they take minimum payment contracts with providers and that’s how they stay in business.

It seems that they have stooped to a new low as every time I hear or read someone is speaking badly of UK Mail, there is nothing good to say about them and that’s something they need to address.

People don’t really have control if UK Mail delivers their items, this is down to the company who is using them, the location the package is getting delivered to etc.

Here are a few random tweets from people who are complaining of UK Mail. I couldn’t find any tweets where people had said they did a good job.

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So its official. The AirPods have been released. Took long enough eh? The Verge, 9to5 Mac and The Next Web have a few posts if you would like to read them.

I’ve been waiting on a pair of these for a while now but it seemed that Apple had issues with the bluetooth side of things. Feel free to do a quick search on that.

In a press release, Apple says that the AirPods “will be shipping in limited quantities at launch,” and that brick-and-mortar stores “will receive regular AirPod shipments.” AirPods will start appearing at Apple Stores, “select” carrier stores, and authorized Apple retailers next week. They’re launching in over 100 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, and Japan.

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