So this is another update for the second match of McGregor vs Diaz, I gave my thoughts on the first match, you can read about it here.

This is some thoughts on what I think and how it might play out.

In the aspect of things Diaz took the first fight on 10-11 days notice and beat Conor, now that’s all well and good. Nate said that if/when he has a full camp he won’t or wouldn’t have got touched, but I highly doubt that. Nate has really solid jabs and a really good ground game. Thats what he has going for him at the moment. I’m not sure who Nate is going to bring in to train with, but it better be people who can duck and move as quick as Conor can. I haven’t seen much videos or updates on Nate training so it will be interesting to see what he has got the first round of the fight.

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