McGregor vs. Diaz Thoughts


All the hype building up to this fight only for Conor to get choked out.

Basically he came up weights and wasn’t ready. He looked ready from all the videos posted on Instagram etc. I thought he was in shape, you could see the difference in the guy right off the bat. As soon as he started putting the weight on it was noticeable.

When it came to the fight, I had money on Conor winning, maybe 2nd or 3rd round. The reason I thought this is because, Diaz is a lanky mother fucker, Conor has never dealt with that. He has always had a bigger reach than any of the people he has fought. His speed was there, he was dodging a good few of Nate’s punches, but some of them where getting through, and they are the ones that stung Conor.

The first round was all Conor. He was ducking and weaving in and out, trying to land solid punches. He said he was hitting shoulder a few times and I could see it. When he was dodging the right from Nate, he was trying to counter with his mean left, but couldn’t reach Nate’s face. After I seen this a few times I thought ‘fuck, he’s gonna have to slow this down and pick his shots instead of being cocky’. Now don’t get me wrong he was probably trying to make Nate angry and when a person fights angry, they always lose, so I can understand that. But when Conor said at the start of round 2 ‘I can go all day’ I thought, ‘you shouldn’t have said that’, and I was right. Not long after, Nate just kept punching the fuck out of Conor.

Conor instead used to people continuously punching him, when they tangle up against the cage, Conor is more worried about getting took down, or trying to get away from knees and such, but Nate’s left hand was a trigger, he must have thrown about 10 punches and each punch catching Conor in the face, at that point, I knew Conor was getting beat. Seeing him take all them punches to the chin was hard to watch, he needed to block or get Nate the fuck off him to regain posture and slow it down.

When Conor got took down, Nate was immediately on top of him throwing heavy slashing punches, after that I knew Conor was fucked, I could feel it, it was coming to an end. He said in an interview it had to turn to his belly to stop Nate from landing them and rightly so, but switch to his back with Nate on top full mount. Jesus. When he flipped over, I seen it coming. Choked out and tapped immediately. I honestly don’t blame Conor, he knew he was beat, less energy from carrying more weight, and trying to land spinning wheel kicks in the process to a guy of Nate’s size would have been hard and took more energy to perform.

It’s hard to take when you are trash talking someone else and then that happens. I’m sure he is fucking gutted and will be offline for a few days to a week to let the dust settle. Obviously he was going to get trolled online, but he needs to ignore that and get on with it. As he said, he will dust himself off and come back. When he comes back, i think he will be a machine, stronger and faster than ever. Work on his stamina, get bigger sparing partners in and get used to it.

Going back down to feather weight, he will fucking destroy Aldo if Aldo wants a piece, he’s to fast for him. But shall see how this all plays out. When he comes back, he is going to be pissed, and anyone that faces him, will lose. He’s not one to make the same mistake twice, he adapts and overcomes.

Some you win, some you learn.