Back using iPhone


I’m back to iOS!

So I’m back using an iPhone. I couldn’t deal with the crappy slow phones, I thought I could, maybe save a little money, or not need it that much, but the fact is, I can’t.

The reasons I can’t are basically the speed of the phone and the lack of Apps on other platforms. Don’t get me wrong, android is totally fine, but apps run so much smoother on iOS, it’s a damn fact.

Lets take Snapchat for example. Snapchat runs perfectly well on both high spec android phones and iPhones. However there is one drawback.

The camera. Now when I say this I don’t mean the camera quality of the photos you take with Snapchat, they come out just fine on both platforms with decent camera’s. It’s the usability.

On Android, Snapchat does run well, but you go in to the camera to take a video, as soon as you press and hold the record button, you get lagg. Now its a weird type of lagg, its nothing to do with the camera, it’s just how the app plays with the platform.

On iOS, this is never the issue. All the way back to the iPhone 5, Snapchat runs smooth as a nut, yes it might take up a lot of resources and on older iPhones the battery would heat up a little, but that’s natural for Snapchat, it’s never been any other way. However the code for iOS and running Snapchat is smooth, when Android gets on par with this, then I would consider making the switch full-time. It’s not just with Snapchat, there is a few other apps that use the camera, but to me, iOS wins hands down.

Speed, usability and smoothness is why I switched back to the iPhone and I wont be switching to any other platform again. I’ve made the mistake a few times now, and this is the last time.