Another Virgin Media Outage


At the time of writing this post my internet has been down for 30 minutes and I feel like it’s the end of the world.. Well for most people anyway!

I am with Virgin Media for my internet and its pretty amazing, the speeds are ridiculous and there is hardly any downtime. I can live with my 4G until it gets back online, they must be upgrading something, or working out some kinks and I totally understand.

People in my area who are on Virgin Media connections are probably so pissed right now, they don’t have 4G or even a smart phone for that matter!

It just boggles my mind how people can’t live without the internet for a short amount of time. I believe that saying is true “If you really want to get to know how someone is, give them internet at 56k” then you will see the real person.

Everyday heading home on the bus from work people are just looking down at their phones and never look up the whole way home. The only people who are not on their phones are old people. I kinda have respect for them. They don’t need a phone, they would rather sit and talk to you. That’s why you see old people on public transport just say ‘Hi ya, how are you doing?’, even if they don’t know the person. If they are not on a phone they will say hello at least.

Most of the time people will look down at their phone to not have to speak to someone, that’s like… they are socially afraid or something? They would rather send you a message sitting in the seat next to you than speak out loud and say whatever, I think that’s become the norm these days.

Do you think people should put their phones down sometime and have a chat? Looks like its got a bit out of control.