Ulster Bank and Apple Pay


So I got a new iPhone 6s, which is great. I figured I will add my card to this so I can save myself time when paying for shit at places that have contactless payment or support Apple Pay. I tried adding my card, and it said ‘This card isn’t issued by your bank’, I figured that’s weird.. According to the Apple site Ulster Bank is supported.

I was thinking it had something to do with Ulster Bank just being shit as normal. So when I got the chance because I work silly hours I headed down to my local branch. Previously before heading to my bank I gave them or a call centre agent, to enquire as to why my card isn’t allowing me to add it to Apple Pay. The guy didn’t really have a clue and stuck me on hold twice to find out why it wouldn’t add. Fair enough, he might be new or just didn’t have a clue as to why it wouldn’t be working, regardless! He came back after having me on hold for a bit and says I need a contactless card. It doesn’t mention that on Apple site or their own site, well from what i can see anyway, but whatever. The guy on the phone said you have to go to your local branch to your local branch to apply for a contactless card. Fair enough, wasn’t going to be to much hassle as my local branch is around 20 minutes away from me, so not bad.

I walk in to the bank, there wasn’t that many people there, so i get to this guy and say ‘I’d like to apply for a contactless card please as i want to use it with Apple Pay. He was like fair enough, have you got your card there? Handed it over, confirmed a few things. He then goes in to the back office to ask someone if I can get a contactless card.. Comes back out and says you cant apply for one because you are in debt.. I was like, what? I’m not. So he tells me when you set up your account it was a ‘step account’ which I’ve never heard of.. So I said, its not. When I set my account up, I set up a savings account and a current account, so can you not just switch it back to a current account and get me a contactless card ordered please? He just said no, I can’t.. I thought to myself I couldn’t be annoyed arguing with this little prick, so I said fine (having in my mind, I will cancel my account anyway), now id like to enquire about charges on my account that I have no idea about… He said ok, which charges?

So I then tell him two dates that I can see from my Ulster Bank App. I asked him what they where, and he just told me the name he seen.. I kindly advised this little dick, that I can also read, and I see that, I’m asking who/what/where its from. He replied with ‘I don’t know’… at this point i felt like saying ‘what do you know?’. None the less, going to the bank was a waste of time. When it comes to banking I don’t make, or well try not to make any enquiries, as everything normally goes smooth, I can see what goes in and out of my account via my app, and have like a set routine of it, so I normally don’t need to go to the bank.

Long story short, I bought a new phone, cant use a feature on it because of my bank. So I will be cancelling and going with another bank as Ulster Bank just don’t care to provide good customer experience at all.

Its a shame, I’ve been with them for years, but it seems like the times I need to call or visit a branch, they are like drones. No information, no assistance, and don’t have time for their customers.

Well I don’t have time for them =]. I will be taking my account elsewhere.

Does any of you have loads of issues with Ulster Bank?