Phone Provider Complaints?

Most of the time I hear people complain and not compliment networks for providing them with service or decent enough service to make calls to friends and family, shoot them a text or jump on Facebook to stalk them. I read Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds and various other sources of complaints and cannot for the love of me wrap my head around the fact that as soon as something goes wrong with a network, then network then doesn’t give a fuck. Not the case.

You think about it. A network as big as the 3 in the UK, ill not name names. But sit back and think about this for a sec. They have hundreds of thousands of customers. You think the best way to get support is via twitter or something like that? No, it fucking isn’t. Jumping online and posting how shit the network is, or how John at customer service was a dick when you rang up so you took to online social networks to shout to the world that you are not getting the price you paid for, which in fact you probably got a fucking discount in the first place to help you out because you where a cheap bastard and think you’re the center of attention.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is networks out there that honestly couldn’t give a fuck about its customers, fair point. But said networks are so massive that they don’t need to give a fuck until they see revenue go down to a point where they can’t afford it, and honestly? You think that’s going to happen? Yeah me neither.

These days people rely on their phones for everything. Socializing, buying shit, storing shit, just shit. People find it hard to be without their phones and are always connected. Fair enough i take my phone with me everywhere I go, but I could easily do without it for a while anyway, reason being? Most people are online now, so I can contact them IF I really needed to.

Back to the point. Yes there is networks out there that don’t care as much as others, but that’s just life and you have to deal with it, because yapping on social networks saying how loyal you are, and you deserve the best is just sad. The reason you take to these social networks because John in customer service was a dick…. no, you where probably the dickhead on the phone and he couldn’t give a shit about you. When you call up with an attitude, you best be expecting one back, because in this day and life the customer isn’t always right. The customer will be told when they are wrong and there’s fuck all you can do about it.

The networks out there who can honestly stick their hands on their hearts and say ‘We are honestly trying to provide the best customer experience’ Fair play, keep doing what you’re doing, because you are winning. Providing good customer experience with a positive outcome is the way forward. You can’t retain customers when you are solely thinking about revenue and don’t provide customer experience. Slowly but surely, networks will take a leaf from the networks that are doing shit right and hopefully stick to it.

Rant over 🙂 machlave.

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