So you show people that you are dedicated and that you are willing to do anything that needs to be done. Many people see dedication as a good thing, but sometimes your hard work and dedication to something doesn’t always have a positive outcome. Let me explain…

Dedication comes in many forms, some small portions some that just blow everything and everyone out of the water. Many people like to put in a little time and effort and be happy whilst doing so. Others like to do as much as they can to the point where it might put them under a lot of stress and fuck with they’re emotions. For the people that put in just the right amount live happy and see that they are changing things, doing things different to have a positive outcome. Others love to show people what they can really do, so they go to the ends of the earth to show someone that what they do matters, and without them it wouldn’t get done in the same fashion.

People who see hard work and dedication from someone, they either think.

1. This person is a hard worker and i can always rely on them to show results.
2. This person is a bit of a sucker and i can take advantage of their dedication and use it how i please.

The first option here is clearly the right option, not option, maybe thought? After all you see someone work hard to the best of their ability and get a positive or the most effective outcome. On the other hand you have people that will see this as an opertunity to be taken advantage of. Some people dont even know they are doing it until its to late. They have taken advantage of someone who has been loyal to them and would always help them out, and in the end it doesn’t really matter.

Further down the line you are trying to make it up to this person because you have taken advantage of them and the work that they put in, so you sweetin’ the deal with something that benefits them but its no skin of your back. Its a vicious circle ladies and gents and until someone realises that not all the dedication and hard work you put in will always pay off.

bend over backwards (to do something) (for someone)
Fig. to work very hard to accomplish something for someone; to go out of one’s way (to do something) (for someone). He will bend over backwards to help you. I bent over backwards for you, and you showed no thanks!

Thats just my two cents really. Few thoughts that i needed to get out.