So it started with Virgin Media blocking The Pirate Bay, all well and good. Now all the other ISP’s are jumping onboard, when I say jumping on board im meaning they have probably been ordered to do so.

Bottom line is, ISP or not you cannot physically block someone from a website. You will always be able to use proxies and such to get around it, that’s the glory of the Internet, there is always a way around everything, you just have to find it.

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This is my quick run down of the housemates and what i think of them. As time goes on ill update with a new post. I would include images of the housemates that went in, but Channel5 have little small profile pictures on their website instead of full width images, and i dont want to have to edit each image. I’ve applied for to be a video partner so i can show you lot some video and what not, im kinda hoping they will provide images than i can use also. But heres the run down, tell me what you think.

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