Hey all so I went ahead and switched over to a nice little hosting company called asmallorange. I remember it way back in the day when I was first going to get into websites, blogging, designing etc.. I was supposed to sign up back then, but I never got around to it. So far its a nice clean web hosting company, they take it pretty serious and with respect, unlike so many other companies out there who are just in it for pure greed, and fuck what the customers what.

I’ve heard some bad reviews about the ‘support’ at asmallorange, but I can’t say anything bad about that because I haven’t needed any support, I’m pretty familiar with web hosting etc.

As for the hosting itself, so far its proved to be clean and quick. I’m saying this a day or two after I got set up and transferred my files from my old host to asmallorange.

I will come back and write another review in a month or so, good or bad ill post it, but ive a feeling its gonna be just fine.

Anyone heard of asmallorange or maybe you have some hosting with them yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Reaction to hearing music!

Seen this posted on a mate of mines Facebook. Video of an old man reacting to music that he heard from his era. Its actually pretty fucking cool as to what music does for people.

Basically lost his mind and the music brought back memories and things, had him talking proper to questions being asked. Have any of you guys and girls ever came across something like this in a real life? I think its pretty awesome.