Metafile Download Failed (Fix)

So you get the message “Metafile Download Failed Error” when you try to download Adobe Reader or Flash for that matter. Fear not!

The only reason I’m posting this fix is because so many people I’ve talked to have spoken about it, so here’s the easiest way to get around it I guess.

Download the installer from for your Adobe Reader errors, this should fix it, if not let me know. If you are looking to download Flash and you’re getting that error, then go to to download it via the download manager.

This is pretty much the easiest way to get around that error. I think it’s just an error with the air app that’s trying to install reader/flash or something like that. If you are having this problem after you try this method, drop a comment below and I’ll see if I can help you out.

  • Pech

    Thank you very much, it’s such a helpful suggestion since I put my effort for this problem for two days!!!.

    • No problem, glad i could help.

  • Kru

    Thanks…like others I have trying for a few days to find a way round these problems with Flash and Reader.

    • No problem, glad i could help =)

  • lucy

    still having the same problem:( downloading adobe reader

    • Even when yo use the download manager? If you have a look in your control panel, check and see if Adobe Reader is installed, if so, un-install. Visit the download manager page and try again.

      Can you ‘download’ the actual file? Or can you not install it ?

      • Darren

        Thanks very much, problem sorted.

        • Glad i could help.

  • Baz

    Thanks so much for your solution – problem solved.

    • Glad i could help, thanks for stopping by.

  • mona

    hi i’m from Iran.facing “Metafile error’ after downloading flash player.i followed your prescription but the site you mentioned above does’nt let me download it.And the sentence below occures for me :
    ” Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “
    current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe” on this server.
    Reference #18.e5a61645.1317641471.98c0b50
    ” :(:(:(

    • I think they have now fixed the issue with this, haven’t heard any more news saying it isn’t working.

      You can go to it should work fine, if not feel free to let me know, but im sure its working now.

      Sidenote: Google Chrome has Flash build in. Just a thought.

  • Ephraim

    I was almost frustrated when I found your fix. Thank you.

    • No problemo, glad i could help.

      • Spyroulla

        Hi, I’m getting the message “Unable to unzip metafile file” during installation. Can you help? I’ve been looking on the internet for days and can’t find anything. Previous version of Flash has been uninstalled.

        • Are you running Windows 7? Try running the program as Administrator, right click ‘Run as Administrator’.

  • eunice

    Hi, i already download the Reader, but as the same situation. there’s an error.. im running window 7. as you said il just right click ‘Run as Administrator.. but where do i find that Run as Administrator??? sorry.

    • What version of Windows 7 are you using? Also, you can download the single installer and try it? You can also try ‘ninite’. Grab it here to install reader only.

      • eunice

        Window 7 starter.. i tried the link you gave but the problem was still there.can you help me.. how to fix these? i’ll just want to download the flash player adobe because i can’t play Tetris @ facebook. uhm, is there an affect if i install some other adobe like C3 master?? I download already the adobe reader and these link but these will occur : “unable to unzip metafile file” when i download the flash player.. please help me..

        • Thats strange that ninite didnt work. Im pretty sure Google Chrome has flash player build in.

          Have a look here.

          Remove flash player, adobe reader if its partly installed, and try ninite again, try again, but pick 2 programs to install, that way it will install flash player within its own installer instead of through the adobe installer.

          Its hard for me to show you how to do a bunch of other tests just via text. But give that a shot and tell me how it goes.

        • Thanks alot for your help

  • Thanx 🙂
    I too had this problem, “unable to unzip metafile”

  • Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

  • michael

    hi.i have had problems with my IE9 as it showed an error message: res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm# and i downgraded to IE8 bt i still hv the same problem, i can only use IE with the disabled add-ons plz

    • Hey Michael, the only thing i could suggest is going Control Panel > Programs and Features, on the left sidebar > ‘Turn windows features on or off’ remove and re-add IE, that should fix your problem. Let me know the outcome buddy.

  • GuruMurthy

    hi i am using windows7 ..  i am getting error message says unzip metafile.. pls help me to resolve .. thanks..