Hey all. So i was talking to Freddy about certain things. So just asked him what he was up to and he said he was watching Merlin. I never heard of this show, but with a title like Merlin i had to check it out. Its a show on the BBC about a young wizard. That got my attention right away, anything with powers or magic, im in. I didn’t know it was a show from the BBC though lol, really cant believe i never had heard of it.

Anyway, im just downloading the seasons now, ive been streaming the first few eps and it seems pretty good. It only being in its early stages, well for me anyway watching from season one, hes still learning to use his powers. I love how a wizard/magic what ever, develops like that its great.

Anyway, so that will be taking up my time until i watch them all.

Sidenote: American tv pisses me of. Thanks giving, fuck sake like. No Smallville, Vampire Diaries, or Supernatural, it broke my fuckin heart lol.

Drop a comment if you watch, or have watched a few episodes, tell me what you think!