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June 2010

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Installed iOS4

So Wuddup peeps. I recently installed the iOS4 software for the iPhone, iPod etc.. Anyway. I only have a 3G iPhone and most of the features aren’t supported on the 3G. In saying that, the phone itself seems to run a bit smoother. I’m pretty sure the only 2 updates

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Big Brother 2010

So hey all, i did this last year, and it was interesting to write, I was also gonna do a vlog on this, but we shall see. So if any of you watch big brother, here is my thoughts on the housemates this past week. Josie Joise is pretty funny.

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Theme update!

So hey guys and girls =D. As you can see theres a new look to my blog. Im gonna start blogging a lot more throughout the summer. With videos of random shit, and a few vlogs here and there to check in with you all. Well to the people that