So i don’t know how many people actually watch Smallville who read my blog posts, but i just wanna take the time out to say, ITS FUCKING AMAZING. Tom Welling is such a good actor, but to me, and plenty of other people the show storyline is all mixed/messed up. Sorta taking bits from the movies and bits from the comics and splashing them together. Yes it works to an extent, but going overboard you just gotta stop.

I have been a Smallville fan for like… EVER. A mate of mine told me about it, way way back, and i was hooked. I love any show/movie were people have certain powers, even if its alien powers or even just a power of the mind, ill be watching it.

So what do you all think about Smallville? Have you been watching from season one? If so, and your up to the latest episode of season 9 then drop a comment with your views on the show =). I don’t want to give any spoilers away because it just sucks when you read it when you don’t want to.