104 Year old twitter user.

Holyshit guys and girls, check this out. Shes 104, fuckin madness, lol. Thats pretty good that she can still keep up with shit like this. Ill be lucky if i see 80 LOL.

    1. Nah, well you have to twitter more for people to find you, you twitter like 5 times in 1 day, then a month later you do the same lol.

      Ill get people following ye if you twitter more.

  1. God I was laughing so hard at the end snapshot. Forget the glass and just drink from the bottle. Whatever she was drinkn’ might be the answer to her long life! Well at least she’s not drinking alone (looks like Jack Daniels or his partner Jimmy Beam). She’s stylin’ with that hat! xD!

  2. Ah, I just figured it out. It was an elaborate ad for Twitter. They are showing people of an older age or individuals who suffer from illness of some sort, Twitter (and other social networks) can play a wonderful role in preventing loneliness, developing communication skills and generally keeping the mind at work. I don’t know about that. 🙂

  3. Did anyone of you in the UK get your “Beatlemania” fix? I see in Ireland, a radio station hosted a karaoke event with people invited to sing and play Beatles tunes on guitar.

    Was Anto there?

    I left campus, drove to Borders and got my fix and a little of the Fab Four. LOL

  4. hahahahah LOL if i live 104 years, CNN vill make a video about me like “104 year old man drive a space jet Ferrari blueray” 😛

    so stupid idea i dont like cars i thig jets too and i dont want to be 104, but 100 ‘ll be nice 😛

  5. Sure, I didn’t even think of the diversity. Irish is Irish to me. Srry. Here again, it was just for conversation sake. (Strike 2 for me… LOL)

    God loves all the Irish!

    Not a big fan either, but they had some great give a ways!

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