Twitter following.

Hey guys and girls, just want to take a bit of your time to tell you about twitter, and following.

I know most of you have a twitter, and use it which ever way you please, then there’s some of you that just couldn’t be arsed getting/using twitter, and that’s your choice.

Since being on twitter
I have found that near enough people just say “Follow Me!” for follower count, and while there’s all the famous mutha fuckers out there, like kevinrose, celebs them kinda people, they are just getting the followers rolling in.

I went to this site, huitter, basically what it does, it gives you 3 choices to do:

1. Unfollow all who do not follow you back
2. Unfollow all
3. Follow all who follows you

Now if you think about this, it’s a very nice idea. Although, following people for your own interest and information on things is nice if they don’t care about they’re followers.

I just did the first, Unfollow all who aren’t following me, not because they where not following me, just because its 1 less on they’re followers list.

Meh, that’s all I gotta say, whats you views on this? Would you follow someone, wanting them to follow back? Or would you follow someone JUST because they are famous and everyone else is following them? Let me know your views.

  1. Hey Anto,

    I don’t really have a care for who follows who on twitter, I follow people I see interesting, if they have a decent update, and follow on with those updates, Like you for example, I know when your sleeping, I know when you wake up, but if you find something interesting you twitter about it.

    You see?

    1. Yea i know what you mean Matt. But some people who are famous just get followed because they are famous, if you get my drift. Not because people like to see they’re updates, but because they just have so many followers its ridicules.

  2. Anto, If you want all people, to follow you , when you follow them, then you have to go to sites like where the people automatically follow you when you follow them.
    so after doing this , you will sure have a lot of followers, which in turn makes many new people to follow you ,just because you are famous.

    1. Nah man, id rather just get my followers honestly via twitter etc.. I dont really mind how many people follow me, or how many i follow, its just social networking, if people want to follow me, thats fine. Or if i follow them and they dont follow back, thats also fine, i follow them to see they’re tweets because they are interesting, and nothing more.

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