Youtube – New design

Have you seen / noticed it?

The change in design has been made at the ‘Channel” Page.

I personally like the new design, but I would definitely rather the old design, I mean, simplicity is everything these days right?

As I am writing this post there are “58691” complaints from Youtubers protesting the new design which will be compulsory July 15th 2009. Some people are even pleading and begging not to change the design others are in protests and are starting petitions.

The YouTube product manager Brian Glick said, “The purpose is really to make the channel your home on YouTube.”

Let me know what you all think of the new design.

Here’s the link to the blog post made by Brian Glick


  1. Just like any website or application, it needs change. People will complain anyway, regardless of what the designer or site owner will say or do.
    What people fail to realise is that YouTube is a free service and therefore they have no grounds to complain or start petitions to have the design reverted or kept as the old one. It’s simply childs play and the ones who complain and start these petitions obviously have nothing better to do with their time.

    1. You got that right. But its not really that hard to leave an option for us to choose between. But they dont listen to they’re community.

      1. But they shouldn’t have to listen to their community. They provide a free professional and awesome service. Changing the design isn’t going to make it any different, nor will leaving the design as is. If Google decides they want to change the design for YouTube, they will do it, regardless of what the community says.

          1. YouTube has been there long enough for Google to rest assured that they will not lose their community over a simple design change.
            Look at ProBoards. How often does Pat Clinger listen to his community before releasing a newer version? Yes, he will post and ask for opinions and suggestions. But how many of them are even considered to be taken into account? Not many at all.
            Same with DantoCart. People ask for this and ask for that. But at the end of the day, you have to prioritise the functionality and performance of the script. Too many of this and that will screw it up.

        1. It’s not about that.

          And trust the web, any website that doesn’t listen to their users etc is certain to FAIL.

          And what most of the tubers are saying is that Youtube will fail.. not right now.. but.. a year..2 -3…

          The new tube isn’t ready

          1. The only time a project will fail is if the owners etc abandon it.
            For example, if you write a script in PHP 4, in another year or two from now it will be useless because PHP 6 will be available and will not support PHP 4 like PHP 5 does.
            People will use your site as long as you maintain it. If Anto didn’t update his blog, he would have nobody visiting. Regardless of the almost weekly changes he makes, he still gets people on here browsing and writing comments. I think that alone proves that a change will not affect the existence of the site. It’s the people who complain that will probably not come back for a while. But in the end they always do. YouTube will have nothing to fear in that sense. It’s a Multi-Billion Dollar industry. They have nothing to lose because if a site design change.
            I didn’t say the new design was there. I haven’t even visited it.

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