Hey all. So just want to let you all know about this new show that recently came out its called Constantine. Its based of the movie and i think its gonna be fucking epic! The main actor is pretty cool, the guy is called Matt Ryan, to be honest i’ve never heard of him until now. He does a decent job as the main actor and i can only see it getting better.


So you show people that you are dedicated and that you are willing to do anything that needs to be done. Many people see dedication as a good thing, but sometimes your hard work and dedication to something doesn’t always have a positive outcome. Let me explain…

Companies that are afraid of change.

This is just a quick post to give my thoughts on crappy companies that cant/wont adopt to change because they are afraid.

Most companies out there stick to what they know, now this is a common thing because I’ve seen it over and over again. Companies stick to what they know because its all they know, they don’t adopt, they don’t change, they just push forward and generate money. Yeah this is good for the company, but is this good for the employees? Most higher ups in companies tend to stick to what they know because it has worked for them all these years so why should they change now?

Started to play Vindictus

So hey everyone. I’ve started to play this game called Vindictus. I was introduced to it ages ago and back then it was fucking shit. Its been about a year since and now its pretty good.

The only thing i disliked about the experience of it was

My review of the Moto X

This is my review of the Moto X. Sorry if you can’t understand my accent. We here in Belfast have a really unique accent and not many people understand it, especially if you are are from the US which i know most of you are. So sorry about that :).

Some photos i took with the Canon 700D/T5i

Hey. Havent posted in a while, so thought i would jump on and post a couple of photos i took with the Cannon 700D/T5i.

I just got this camera today. I think these photos where takin with the auto function until i fully wrap my head around the settings of the camera, i know i can do a lot.

This is a photo of a bottle of air freshener. I just thought i would take a photo of everything and anything really. I love the quality this camera produces.

Garage Talks Podcast – Episode 12

This is a podcast me and my mate set up about a year or 2 ago. We did 10 episodes one year and then we pretty much stopped doing them. But now we are bringing it back because people where asking about it and they want to hear us two talk shit lol.

We will be trying to pump an episode out every week, so if you gave this a listen and can actually understand our accent and you want to hear more? Shoot me a tweet @imanto and we will talk about it.

HTC One Mini

So this is my take on the HTC One Mini.

Over all the build of the phone is amazing. Full aluminium body is always a plus, because if you drop it its not going to fucking smash into a million pieces.

I will list the spec of the phone then discuss a little more about each.

Huawei Ascend P6

So this phone has been in the works for a long ass time. Its a beautiful phone ill give it that. Its sorta a mix of the iPhone and the Xperia Z, theres no denying that like. In saying that, this phone is thin as a mother fucker. It looks clean and i think it will sell pretty well.

Here is the specs:

Some of the best bits of casino in the film history

When people think of iconic Casino scenes from the annals of movie history they may arrive at a few shared favourites. Surely Sean Connery making his debut as Bond in ‘Dr No’ has to be the most iconic, but then there’s the recent ‘Hangover’ scene with Alan, ‘The Rain Man’ scene with Ray, Paul Newman in 1973s Oscar winner ‘The Sting’, or the ‘Casino’ scenes with Joe Pesci.
Perhaps Connery would look fondly on his successor, Pierce Brosnan, and his Casino based efforts in ‘Goldeneye’. In ‘Dr No’, Connery took on Sylvia Trench in a game of Baccarat that oozed understated class and sophistication