Ulster Bank and Apple Pay

So this is another post about Ulster Bank and how bad they actually are, well of how little help or support they provide. So I got a new iPhone 6s, which is great. I figured I will add my card to this so I can save myself time when paying for shit at places that… Read More

Facebook removed ‘Most Recent’. People are pissed.

Quick post about Facebook. With the latest iOS update for their app, they have removed the ‘Most Recent’ feed. It was bad enough they hid it in the ‘more’ section of the app, now they have went the full way and removed it all together. Now we all have to either deal with their shit… Read More

Why i sold my Google Glass

I bought a pair of Google Glass around the time they where released for everyone in the UK. I was keeping up to date with everything that went on with them in the US, all the talks and hype about them and said to myself i was going to get a pair. I was so… Read More

Phone Provider Complaints?

Most of the time i hear people complain and not compliment networks for providing them with service or decent enough service to make calls to friends and family, shoot them a text or jump on Facebook to stalk them. I read Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds and various other sources of complaints and cannot for the… Read More

I miss web development!

I ended up getting a job that paid a steady wage because as most web devs know it sometimes isn’t always steady and that was something i couldn’t rely on. So i ended up getting a job selling phones to people that don’t have a clue about them. Never good when you are trying to… Read More