Los Angeles

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Conor was on stage first, in a post interview he said he had no idea what was going on, he just rolled with it and went on stage. Said he basically stood up there looking good and he didn’t give a fuck.

The start of a great day in my storied career.

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The suit he rolled up in said ‘Fuck you’ in the pinstripe and it looked good. Says hes coming out with a line of suits pretty soon. I wouldn’t mind getting one, but rolling up somewhere these days with that, you would get told to leave, not McGregor though, no fucks given.

Floyd had a few fans, all he said was, “Hard work” about 4 times and “All workers what” a few times. Talked about how much money he made, that he would fight Conor with 4oz/6oz gloves and also in the octagon, big talk because hes afraid and to him its ‘Good entertainment’ for the fans.

Side note: Showtime cut Conor’s mic and denied it. Even much so, Dana White gave him his mic and funny enough that didn’t work either… Floyd has probably wired them off to cut it off or they made the choice themselves because they cant have realness with a boxing presser, they want it all scripted.

Toronto, Canada

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Conor rolled in quite smooth, looked pretty clam. Mayweather rolls in dancing like a fucking tool, the song is shit as well whatever it was, think its made for him or whatever, I couldn’t care.

They then face off, talk a load of shit and then Conor takes to the mic, his mic! He took the cutting of the mics pretty serious in the LA presser and said ‘Cut my mic off?, Hell no!’. Got the crowd to shout, ‘Fuck the Mayweathers!’ and then continued to say ‘While we are at it? Fuck Show time too’ then continued to call @StephenEspinoza a weasel and a bitch, pretty sure he shit himself there and then tbh. I sent a tweet to him and said ‘Hey @StephenEspinoza, i’d sit the next two out buddy…’ not that he cares, but there was like a million other people tweeting him saying they don’t want to hear from him. Its funny, because he always rants on about how everything they do is for the fans, if its really for the fans, stop talking and let the fighters do the talking, nobody wants to hear your words, you aren’t really promoting something when people are booing the fuck outta you and want you of the stage, they just stop listening and wait for the next person to speak lol.

This one goes to Conor, he fucking ripped Floyd apart, there wasn’t really much Floyd could do.

New York

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This was a bit of a weird one in my eyes. Conor’s cockiness came through, rolled out the fur coat and shit, was weird. Floyd fucked $1 bills all about the place, its just a show to be honest, everyone was saying on twitter and shit ‘Should have been $100s’, and thats right, if hes all about the money and has plenty of it, $100s would be change to him, but with throwing $1 about the place it was a little bad. Both of them where kinda grabbing at straws this one, I think it was about even. They couldn’t really hear each other when speaking on the mics, so neither of them had comebacks.


This was a cracker. Conor was smooth as fuck again, rolled in in the suit looking fresh. He put down pretty much everyone on stage, Floyd, his juice head bodyguards and @StephenEspinoza

So there has been some latest renders of the iPhone 8 floating about online. To be honest? It looks clean AF! Pretty much reduced bezels down to none at all, there is a strip going around the edge of it, but it still looks nice in my eyes.

The renders are from the designer Martin Hajek he has done a pretty clean job with these renders and I look forward to seeing more.

No Touch ID on the back, vertical camera for AR. I’m looking forward to the release of the iPhone 8 or X, whatever they decide to call it. There have been so many leaks, renders and speculation in pretty much everything to do with the phone. Design, glass, camera, AR, OLED screen, thickness etc, however we won’t truly find out until it gets released. Depending on the price, and design, I will consider it. I don’t think the camera flash is going to be in the middle, if it is, the lenses will be further apart and the camera section will be longer. What you think of the renders? Prefer white or black?

So from everything that was leaked online from what to expect from Apple, this seems legit AF. God help the person if they get caught releasing the information haha.

For the price the iPhone 8/X is going to be, I wont be getting one myself but I know a few that will pay that much for a phone.

All the information below on what to expect with upcoming Apple products.

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This year at WWDC 2017 there is a few things to expect. MacBook upgrades, Siri Speaker, new iPads and software updates.

New iPad Pro

There will be a new iPad Pro for sure. There has been to many leaks for there not to be. The leaks and cases around the web have confirmed it will be a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, rocking the A10 chip, quite possibly a A10X chip with some function that is only valid with that iPad and won’t work with other iPads in the line-up, marketing at its best ha! Obviously it will have the Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold colours as all the rest do, well possibly no rose gold as the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, iPad or iPad Mini 4 doesn’t have it, so we shall see. There might be a few design tweaks and such, but more to follow on Monday when WWDC happens.

New MacBooks

I wouldn’t say ‘new’ MacBooks for this one to be honest as it will just be upgrades mainly, if you class that as new, then good for you. The MacBook range, I’m pretty sure all of them will get the Kaby Lake chips from Intel this time around. When these are released Intel are already working or have released new chips once again. So, people will probably complain that these chips are a generation behind when they have no idea what they do. The one I’m most interested in is the MacBook Air if it gets a retina display, processor update and keeps the keyboard in there, if they go the Core M or whatever route for the processor and incarnate the new keyboard they use then I shan’t be a fan. I don’t like the clicky keyboard on the MacBook or the MacBook Pro for that matter, even know the Pro has a second gen butterfly switch, I still don’t like it, I prefer traction, then I can make sure the key has been pressed, although I can see it coming, time will tell.

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First things first. iPhone 7/7+ Red

Apple released a new colour of iPhone. (PRODUCT) Red. Same everything else, just the colour has changed. On the Apple Online Store it clearly states ‘Order from 15:01 on 24.03’, you would be surprised how many people ask ‘When is it released’ and sound silly. Don’t be lazy and look for it before asking silly questions.

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There has been a lot of photos floating about the web of what the iPhone 8 could look like, but these images seem to be a really good look of how it could turn out.

The renders of the iPhone 8 are by Benjamin Geskin for iDropNews. They really are something to look at for a better idea. You can see that he has lined the iPhone 8 up with the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, all somewhat looking similar. 

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So I’m currently watching a live PPV stream of McGregor giving a speech.

The guy is so popular that he is able to charge to hear him speak. Me being one of them suckers I went ahead and purchased one for £3.99 which is not much for me or anyone for that matter, but I would honestly like to see the numbers when everything gets published just to check and see how he stacks up without the UFC.

Right now is the start of the stream, it started at 9PM UK Time and there is some dude singing shit songs. He is ok, but he is nothing special. The message is currently showing ‘Apologises for the late running of the event’ so I suppose that means he is rolling in, in his own time, as he would say ‘On my time I’m early!’ because no fucks be given.

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Nokia are back!

The new Nokia 6 looks beautiful. With its full aluminum body and dual-camera set up its looking nice. The specs are not all the rage, however its going for around $250, thats like £200 here in the UK, but the way the prices for phones these days are going I can see it being £250.

The Nokia 6 has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage with which to run the latest version of Android Nougat, this is amazing to hear! Not many android smartphones will run the latest right out of the box. I read somewhere that Nokia was in bed with Google on this one to make an awesome comeback, which is always nice to see.

Its packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 430 processor, thats not bad for a mid-ranged phone from them! With the 4GB of RAM is should run smooth enough in a sense. Shall see as time goes on if they release to other countries.

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